Executive Coaching and Leadership Development

What distinguishes adequate leaders from superior leaders? How can organizations improve the performance of executives, managers, or key employees?

Coaching is a powerful means of teaching leaders new skills and behaviors that accelerates their development and advances organizational objectives. At Tate Consulting, we deliver powerful coaching relationships that bring leaders and high potentials to the next level. We partner with organizations and design individual development plans that integrate the goals of coachee, the supervisor, and other key stakeholders. By setting specific, measurable, and time-limited goals, we facilitate change that leads to greater professional satisfaction and desired organizational results.

The coaching process involves a number of activities, all of which occur within the context of a highly supportive and engaging relationship between the client and coach:

  • Establishing goals and measures of success
  • Completing one or more assessments (including measures of personality, thinking preferences, communication style, and emotional intelligence)
  • Obtaining 360° feedback (from supervisors, peers, direct reports, and others)
  • Meeting regularly with the coach in person or remotely
  • Creating a development plan that articulates specific actions clients will take in order to reach their goals
  • Practicing new behaviors and acquiring new skills