Family Business Consulting

How can family firms deal with the challenges inherent in working with family members?  How do leaders of family enterprises plan for the future of their organizations?

About 90% of businesses are family-owned or controlled, placing them at the heart of the global economy. Whether small businesses or large multinational enterprises, family firms possess unique features that can make it challenging for them to operate smoothly or navigate ownership and leadership transitions. At Tate Consulting, we help family firms find solutions that allow them to move forward, and leverage the opportunities associated with being a family-owned or closely held firm.   

Our services promote the lasting success of family businesses by:

  • Educating and advising family business leaders   
  • Planning for succession and leadership transitions   
  • Creating a shared vision for the future
  • Managing conflict and improving communication
  • Enhancing the functioning of multigenerational teams
  • Developing governance structures (e.g., boards of advisors or directors, family councils)