Organizational Development

How can organizations create a healthy work environment in which employees are satisfied, engaged, and productive? What should organizations do when communication breakdowns or personality conflicts get in the way of productivity?

Organizations that are successful in creating a healthy work environment enjoy lower employee stress, healthcare costs, and turnover, as well as increased employee engagement, savings, and profitability. Diversity within teams can be a stumbling block or, if managed well, can be a strategic advantage. We help organizations understand the team, group and cultural issues that hold them back, and build processes that allow them to move ahead. At Tate Consulting, we work with leadership and human resources to create a customized, systemic approach to improve their culture.  Moreover, we link these efforts to business strategy and organizational goals.

Our services include:

  • Implementing organizational assessments and evaluations
  • Creating avenues for communication and feedback
  • Facilitating team building activities and retreats
  • Conducting group/team coaching programs
  • Developing and evaluating policies, processes, and programs